Lacuna is a Cyber-Noir Detective game, following Nox; a private investigator in an attempt to prevent crimes that have yet to be committed. With the help of mysterious messages containing photos of the impending crime scene, the player unravels mysteries in a gritty cyberpunk city through the use of the unique Clue-Board mechanic.

Made for my group's Advanced Diploma of Games Programming Year 2 Major project.

Winner of the 'Freeplay 2018 Student Game Award'; Finalist for the 'GCAP 2017 Student Showcase'.

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A cute little JRPG with card based elements, based on the journey of a group of friends playing a tabletop role-playing game. Made for my group's Advanced Diploma of Games Programming Year 1 Major project.

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Pebble Watch Squid Jump

A faithful recreation of the 'Squid Jump' minigame from Nintendo's 'Splatoon' made for the Pebble Smartwatch.

Unfortunately, due to the Pebble App Store closing, the app is no longer avaliable. You can however find it on the Rebble App Store.

Game Jams

Throughout my Advanded Diploma of Games Programming course, I participated in several game jams, most of which were with random team members, normally consisting of at least one programmer, one designer and one artist.

These game jams were 2-3 days, though we only worked on them during college hours, so more like 14-21 hours of actual development time.

Exciting Unicycle Strikes Again

For this game jam, I was paired up with one designer, two artists, and another programmer; we were given a randomly generated name: "Exciting Unicycle Strikes Again", and given the task to make a fun little game out of it over the course of 2 days.

In the end, we were able to create a little sandbox sort of game, in which up to four players drive a unicycle around a city, causing destruction to earn points. We didn't have enough time to add an end state, so it's just a silly experience really.

My contribution to the game was the unicycle itself, the user interface and menus, particle effects, as well as adding in a unicycle skin selector within the last hour or so of the game jam, much to the surprise of the rest of the team. The other programmer handled the pedestrians and cars as well as their AI to navigate the city enviroment, the scoring system, and some other mechanics that we weren't able to complete such as power ups.

Disclaimer: The music is not owned or created by us.


(Controls are displayed in game, though to fit four players on a single keyboard, we had to cram some into weird configurations. Don't worry though, in game you only use the directions to move!)

  • XBox Controller Player- Left Stick to move, A to accept
  • Keyboard Player 'WASD' - WASD to move, F to accept
  • Keyboard Player 'Arrow Keys' - Arrow Keys to move, Right Ctrl to accept
  • Keyboard Player 'IJKL'- IJKL to move, H to accept
  • Keyboard Player 'Numpad'- Numpad 8456 to move, Numpad + to accept
  • Escape - Quit to the player select menu

Download "Exciting Unicycle Strikes Again"

So, You Want To Be A President?

This was our first game jam game, and we were paired up randomly with one designer, two artists, and another programmer for two days. The designer and I happened to get along well, so we chose to continue working together in a team for our major project game Lacuna.

For this game jam, we were given the instruction of making a "Single Button" game, to keep things simple. After an hour or two of deliberation, we settled upon the idea of a "President Simulator", along the lines of games like Surgeon Simulator.

Though for the gameplay itself, we ended up going for a WarioWare style of rapid fire micro-games, that tell the story of what a president does over the course of a day.

There are two sections to the game, the first involves recieving presidental bills and choosing whether to pass or deny them, followed by one of 5 different micro-games such as "Finish That Speech!", or "Sink That Putt!". After the micro-game, the cycle repeats.

My role involved setting up the base micro-game system, and making the "Finish That Speech!" micro-game, the "Bill Signing" section, and the tutorial.

Disclaimer: The music is not owned or created by us.


  • Space Bar / Mouse Button - Everything (may be pressing, holding, or rappidly pressing)

Download "So, You Want To Be A President?"

Ultra Cowboy Melee

This game jam took place over a single day, and I worked with one other programmer. Once again, we were given a random name, which ended up being "Ultra Cowboy Melee", and we made a little game based on that name.

The game ended up being a sort of bar fight simulator, where the gimmick is that you can grab anything and use it as a weapon; beer bottles, chairs, tables, benches, cactuses and even tumbleweeds.

My role involved making the few art assets we had in the scene, as well as the character controller. The other programmer handled the AI and whacking mechanics.

No download available.


This game jam was our first real experience using Unreal Engine 4, and once again, we were paired up with random team members for three days (two artists, one other programmer, and one designer). Though this time, we were given a concept to base our game around: "Elasticity".

Considering this was our first time using UE4, we wanted to keep it simple... So of course we chose to make a two player co-op physics game. In Tandem, both players control a robot that is attached to the other robot with a stretchy cable. The players then must use this to their advantage to solve small puzzles in a "Portal" style nature, using the cable to pull back and slingshot each other accross gaps.

My role involved setting up the interactables, the moving platforms, the cable mechanic (which I ended up just writing a custom spring joint algorithm after spending hours trying to figure out UE4's built in spring joint), and the slingshot mechanic. The other programmer worked on the character controllers, elements in the scene, sound effects, as well as general helping us all get used to using UE4.

No download available.

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