These experiments are simple games, tools and other prototypes that I made for fun. Most of the time, these are small projects that I dabbled in, but never got very far with.


These experiments are playable to a certain degree, but expect things to break or be unfinished. They are just meant to be proof of concepts after all.

Starfox SNES Recreated in Javascript

It's an attempt at recreating the original Starfox SNES game using Javascript and HTML5 Canvas. The custom polygon renderer is not completely perfect, but was a fun challenge to write. Note that only the first stage is really implemented, as it was just an experiment.

(Disclaimer: Some textures were made by myself, whereas others such as the title screen logo and first level background image were from Google Images, and the character sprites are from the game Starfox Zero.)


  • Arrow Keys - Movement
  • Space - Shoot
  • Left Control / Left Shift - Fire Smart Bomb
  • A / D - Tilt left or right, double tap to do a barrel roll
  • W - Boost
  • S - Break

Try out Starfox JS

HTML5 Adventure Game

An attempt to see how much you can do with HTML5 canvas. This game is very unfinished, but it was only a test anyway.


  • Scrolling tile based maps
  • Screen transitions (Can walk off the right side of the map for a new area)
  • Readable sign
  • Hud with working health and experience
  • Evil girl that tries to kill you (Press space bar to attack)
  • Menus (Only the options menu has anything)
  • Wii U browser support! (Wii U version)

Try out HTML5 Adventure Game
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