Hello! I'm Kristian Lindsell, a games programmer with an Advanced Diplmoa of Games Development. I enjoy creating games with a focus on good game-feel and UX. In addition to programming, I also enjoy writing shaders and designing UI and visual effects. I feel that placing effort on good design and game-feel is critical, ensuring the player will actually enjoy their time. I'm well experienced with Unity and C#.

A game I worked called 'Lacuna' with three other main members won the 'Freeplay 2018 Best Student Game Award', as well as the 'Best Student Game of the Year Award at AIE', and has been shown off at events such as 'PAX AUS 2017', 'RTX Sydney 2017', and 'Supanova 2018', among others.

Here you can see the various Games and Experiments that I have created.

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