Hello! I'm Kristian Lindsell, an apsiring game developer who likes to dabble in various arts such as programming, game development, and web design. I'm well experienced in the Unity3D Engine, and I enjoy making games and prototypes, as well as user interfaces that feel good to use.

I'm a major Nintendo fan, and enjoy attempting to recreate games of that sort. My dream is to be able to make games that I love, for others to enjoy!

Here you can see the various Games and Experiments that I have created.

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Latest Project: Lacuna3/12/17

Lacuna is a Cyber-Noir adventure, following Nox; a private investigator in an attempt to prevent crimes that have yet to be committed. With the help of mysterious messages containing photos of the impending crime scene, the player unravels mysteries in a gritty cyberpunk city.

Lacuna was made for my Advanced Diploma of Games Programming Year 2 Major Project, and was 1 of 6 finalists in the GCAP 2017 Student Showcase, as well as being shown at PAX AUS 2017 at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment's booth.

Check it out here!

New Game: Komorebi17/09/17

This was my first time working on a game with a team of other people for a student project. The team consisted of two artists, a designer, and myself as the programmer. It was made in roughly 9 weeks for our Advanced Diploma of Games Programming Year 1 Major project. It may still be a little unpolished, but we were very proud of what we were able to achieve in only 9 weeks.

The game itself is a JRPG with some card based elements, based on the journey of a group of friends playing a tabletop role-playing game.

Check it out here!

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